PURE Facilities

PURE Superyacht Refit is based within the STP facility in Palma de Mallorca.

Uniquely the STP facility is an ‘open’ facility, which means that PURE can offer clients the total freedom of choice over contractor selection for new and warranty works. STP requires companies basic official documents as proof to permit access to carry out works within. With the quality of excellence, the flexibility and freedom of contractor choice, the large numbers of highly skilled craftsmen across all superyacht services and trades, it was a natural decision for PURE to make STP and Palma its main location.

Palma houses a large ‘expat’ community, many of whom are in the nautical service industry as company owners, managers and workforce. This makes the trials of language barriers, work ethics, trade unions and working week hourly constraints often found in other refit areas non-existent in Palma.

Therefore PURE can provide you with a timely and cost effective option to other Mediterranean locations. STP and PURE are located within 5 minutes walk of the downtown restaurants, shops, hotels, bars, apartments and general relaxation. A 10 minute drive finds you at the international airport where a 2 hour flight will take you anywhere in Europe.

Mallorca provides a climate envied by many other refit locations enabling works to be carried out all year round. It also provides world-class championship golf courses, fine dining, excellent outdoor activities and pursuits including hiking, climbing, sailing, fishing… In fact it is the perfect place to position your vessel for her refit needs. A highly skilled and abundant work force, great location, beautiful surroundings, wonderful climate all year round, fantastic relaxation and recreational facilities. The natural choice... The PURE choice!